Well, 7th grade is almost officially over. As of right now I have learned who my true friends are. Many things have changed in my life that made me realize a lot of things. But, I have learned from these experiences to not do or commit those mistakes again. My best experience was meeting all of my friends. My closest friends this year were Nalita, Lucy, Aryanna, Kaycee, Yesenia, etc. I love all very much.
     Even though we have had our ups and downs. The worst part was spending time with people who made some of the friends I listed up there become apart. I will not let them do it again. Other than that I think I've had a great 7th grade, and the picture up there is of me and some of the people I have known for quite a long time ago and they know I will miss them very much. P.S Ignore the "done"! 

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