In africa, iron was the most important thing that they had ever discover. It was important, because they used it for many things. For example, they used it for trading. Iron was most needed in Rome. As a result, this helped the African's with their trading system. So this was one of the most important things that they develpoed. 
     I believe that iron changed many of the African's lives. If they wouldn't have found iron, then the African's might have suffered many things. For example they might have suffered attacks, in need of resources, cloth, etc. This is why whoever discovered iron should be thanked. 
     In Africa, there are four climates. They are desert, rain forest, sahel, and savannah. I am talking about this, becasue I have one question for all of you. Why would anyone want to even live my he desert? 
     The desert is hot, there can be harmful animals, and a sand storm can come  to you and blow your belongings. It would also be hard to find any water. This is why I believe that this climate is the most harmful to the people that lived in Africa.
      I about election day for one thing. The reason I care about it is because of our state. I want Obama to win because even though not a lot of changes have happend in our state he is a great president. Once you think about it you realize it's nt just him that can just make laws, pass them, and make them. Everyone has to agree about that law. I don't want the other one to win, because reports on the news say he's a racsict. If we have a racist president, he will probably be unfair to other people that are a different color.
     As for right now I am reading a book called A Child Called 'It'. It's a non-fiction book, it's a very heart breaking story of a boy named David his mom. His mom had a sudden change towards him, but not the good kind of change. David's mom treats him unfairly, and punishish him for no reason. I chose this book, because I think it's a very intresting non-fiction book. If you are reading this right now i reccomend this book to you guys, and I guarrente it will steal you heart.
     My favorite part of this book so far is when the teachers at David's school help out David so that he woun't likve with his mom, and he could be free. From this book I have learned that no matter how hard the situation is there is always a way out, just be patient.

      Do you know what today is? Today is 9/11! Some of you guys must me wondering yeah it's 9/11 so what? Well, today was the day that a long time ago when I was about 1 or 2 years old attacks occured here. I don't really know much about them or how it happened I just know that it was a really big fight. I think that it doesn't affect me now but,  when I was 1 or 2 years old it might have affected me because all of the attacks could have killed any of us. I think it did change America today because not really because of government or stuff like that but because people admire what hard work they did bak then for us.
      In my Core class we had a simulation! A simulation is where you can act out different roles or kind of like a short play. The role I played was an African, and I had Ivory. The Romans needed Ivory for combs, statues,and other things. In our country we didn't get many protection,so that caused the Barbarians to kill us, and take our goods. I would have liked to be a Roman,because they had more power. Also so I could have protected better the Roman Empire better, so that we could have maybe had a chance to live.
     My uncle has offered me to join the caravan! I Don't know what to decide, my parents don't like the idea, but I think I might take this chance. I want to accerpt this offer, because I don't want to keep living in this small town with no rights to do mostly anything! I admit I do evny some of my desert travels because they have more rights than I do. This why I am willing to take this risk, so I and my family can have more rights. My family doesn't under stand me, but I will prove to them that I can become succsessful.
     Muhammed was a very respected prophet that taught the word of god. Although the Mecca's threathed him to kill him and his followers, Muhammed never gave up. He fought for wat he wanted, and want he wanted was his religion to spread. He was Islam. Muhammed had spread Islam threw out many countires, like Arabia. At first Muhammed had no followers, but over time he grew more and more followers. 
     The reason why people were intrested in what he said, was because Muhammed had said that he had talked to an angel and the angel that told him to spread the religion of Islam. Many people had believed Muhammed and that In 622 Muhammad had became a prophet, and that is also a great reason why many people wanted to hear what he had to say.

     The one pilar that I think was the most challenging for the Islams was the last pilar. That pilar was that all Islams had to go to Muslim at least once a year. I think that one is the most challenging because lets say a believer of Islam lived in a desert, how will they have a transportaion to get there? 
     Some of you guys might not agree with me, but the rest of the pilars all have to do with praying, fasting, believing in just one god, and reading the bible. I belive that those are very important than any others.

     Trade played a big role in with the Muslim's. One of the reasons why trade helped Islam spread was because the mercants would preched to different cultures that they traded with. 
     Another great reason was because there trade routes were    near Europe, Asia, and South Africa. That had helped them because they would trade to different cultures, so that meant that those people would spread Islam in many different cities, countries, etc.