There are many great Chinese achievements, they were very wise, and made very clever resources. Although there were many improvements, I believe that there are tow very astonishing ones that caught me eye. They were the building of the long and glamorous wall, and the gunpowder. 
     I believe that these are very important, because they helped their empire from not getting destroyed. There are also other great ones, but I believe that these are the most important because if the Chinese would have got destroyed, then there would be nothing of the empire. This would lead to their end, and they would have not done all the great things they had done. 
     Happy early Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your week of school, and all the food that you get to eat. I know I will. I believe you should also thank everyone for what they give you that day, and I don't know be say thanks to someone you haven't and you think you need to. I know there are many great things to be thankful for, so make sure to tell everyone. 
      Like me, I am thankful for just everything. I am thankful for another great day at school, life, and health. I am also thankful for having a oppertunity to be here right now with all the wonderful teachers, staff, principal, nurse, vice principal, etc. It is just a great pleauser being here and I just want to thank everyone. But, I believe we should be thankful everyday, and not just once a year. I belive this because everyday in our life great things that we should be thankful for happen. Other than that have a great Thanksgiving filled with joy and happyness. 
     In History (Core) we have been learning about some of the different things that the African's did for Mansa Musa. For example the Griots, slaves, etc. All these people would gather from all over the Sahara to trade, tell stories, etc. In our DBQ we got to chose from one of these examples, and play that role. I had chose to be a Griot. 
     What the Griot does, is that it tells lesson learning stories.  It also gives stories from their very own cultrue/religion. I like being a Griot, because all the others seem as if they were doing something boring. But, as a matter a fact, I get to share my generation stories with others, and give them maybe something great to learn and use in the future with their kids or family members. 



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     Fall to me is one of my favoritve seasons. I like fall, because of the weather, hot chocolate, the holiday's, the food, etc. I would say that fall would be my third favorite season. I would say that my favorite season would be Winter, then Spring, after Fall, and finally Summer. I like Fall, because that season, and Winter is the one where you spend most time with your family.
     I would say that all of the seasons each have there special things, but just like fall. But, you might not like a season.