I can't wait for Winter Break! Well, not to much, because I'm not sure if my uncles are coming over so that we could do many fun things. Like all the other Winter Breaks me, my sister, my brother, and my uncles go to many different places. For example last Winter Break we went to Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Reno, Nevada, Yosemite, Paso Robles,etc. The point is it was very fun, we even got to sleep over one night in each of the places we went. I really enjoy when they come, because instead of being home alone with nothing to do but clean I can get to visit many cool different places that I haven't been too. The only thing that I hate about going different places are the long, boring, not fun car rides. 
     The things I will not enjoy when I'm at Winter Break is not getting to see my friends. I love school too, but sometimes it can be to much work. I will miss my friends, but I know that maybe during the break I could go over there houses, or we could go somewhere like the movies. Well, I hope you have a great Winter Break and hopefully I get to eat a lot too! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 




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     Japan had taken many great ideas from either China, or Korea. There are many great ideas they took from either one of them. For example there were took some ideas from there culture, statues, etc. But, Japan couldn't take all of there ideas because for example, if Japan wanted to take their building ideas that wouldn't be possible, because Japan had very little space to fit in even a little apartment for their family. This is why they had to start building up.
     When I say building up, I mean that they had to build there houses kind of like a tree house. I thought it was pretty cool, but at the same time, I wouldn't have enough space as I would have in my house.

      I was just outside, walking on my way home. I had went out to buy some resources I needed. When all of a sudden I hear horses running after whoever they found. Sitting on top of them was a were men who were armed, it was as if they wanted to kill whoever they saw in sight. I was terrified, I had dropped all of my resources, and ran home to my family.
     But, when I got there it was to late. My house was surrounded by many horses  and the same men that I had seen when I came running home. They were about to kill my family. My heart dropped, I felt as if they had me already killed. What killed me the most was that even if I tried to help my family I could not. But, I thought to myself, and I said if I was going to die I want it to be with the people I love, and I will die in peace.