The Pope has called me in. He wants me to become a knight. While my uncle, he has to go to some journey of his. I don't think I am ready. I know that my family has been a knight as well, but I believe that I won't be as good as they are. But, the Pope wants me to defend all of the Holy places. I don't get it why me? Maybe the Pope believes that since my family members in the past did a great job with protecting everything. Then they believe that I will have that same ability in me just like my other family members.
      I believe that I'm just going to have to risk it for my uncle. I can't let my uncle down since he is sick my uncle cannot fight and be a knight any longer. I guess I'm just going to have to do as they ask, and protect the Holy land. Wish me luck, so I can make a great person and a great knight out of myself and who knows maybe if I ha

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