I am terrified, I just don't want to live anymore. My hopes have all just crushed I now belong to some stranger who I just met. The bad part is if I don't obey him, he will send me back from where I came from so they could kill me. He now knows that I have no family and the Father Quinel ordered me to leave Stomford. He took advantage that my father and mother were both dead. This all just means that he could do whatever he wants to me.
     I am feeling alone with Father Quinel gone, there's no one to protect me. The only good thing I like about him is that he will feed me and give me the shelter I need. But, the only way he will give me food and shelter is if I do as he pleases. I'm very confused and I just hope that my Jesus can protect me from all of the evil in the mysterious town as well as from thus stranger. 

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