I was just outside, walking on my way home. I had went out to buy some resources I needed. When all of a sudden I hear horses running after whoever they found. Sitting on top of them was a were men who were armed, it was as if they wanted to kill whoever they saw in sight. I was terrified, I had dropped all of my resources, and ran home to my family.
     But, when I got there it was to late. My house was surrounded by many horses  and the same men that I had seen when I came running home. They were about to kill my family. My heart dropped, I felt as if they had me already killed. What killed me the most was that even if I tried to help my family I could not. But, I thought to myself, and I said if I was going to die I want it to be with the people I love, and I will die in peace. 
12/6/2012 02:47:07 am

I really like how you put lots of detail in this paragraph. ^.^


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