For New Years, each year we make a resolution. You might not know what that is, but don't worry I will explain to you just what it is. A new Years resolution is when you make a goal for the year of 2013, or the upcoming year that you will have. It's not a goal, but it's like a goal to me. You can also see it as a way that you can change your life for the better the upcoming year. So, you could either write it down on a piece of paper, or just keep it with you in your thoughts, but personally I believe it is better that you write it down on paper. 
     For my 2013 year I have many New Year's resolution's. But, I will only name a few or else this blog will become into a huge essay! Well, to start off I just wanted to share to you guys that my first New Years resolution was to focus on school, and sports. But, my main resolution was getting closer to God, and becoming a better person myself. I believe these are important, because these as of right now are the most things I value, because if you get closer to God, he will answer all your prayers. Maybe not the next day nor the next week, but he will someday.
     I also want to stay more focused in school and sports, because I believe that this is very important. I know that if I don't finish high school nor middle school my whole life could just die. For this reason I want to just keep my head in the game and keep trying hard on the things I love. Which are my fiends, family, school, and God. 

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