Happy early Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your week of school, and all the food that you get to eat. I know I will. I believe you should also thank everyone for what they give you that day, and I don't know be say thanks to someone you haven't and you think you need to. I know there are many great things to be thankful for, so make sure to tell everyone. 
      Like me, I am thankful for just everything. I am thankful for another great day at school, life, and health. I am also thankful for having a oppertunity to be here right now with all the wonderful teachers, staff, principal, nurse, vice principal, etc. It is just a great pleauser being here and I just want to thank everyone. But, I believe we should be thankful everyday, and not just once a year. I belive this because everyday in our life great things that we should be thankful for happen. Other than that have a great Thanksgiving filled with joy and happyness. 
11/16/2012 01:59:29 am

The only thing I owuld say is watch your spelling mistakes.

11/26/2012 02:10:33 am

I really like your paragraph but you have some mistakes.


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