There are 5 theses that Martin Luther did. He did 95, but today I will be talking about five. Martin did these theses because he thought that the church was unfair, and someone needed to do something about that, so there he went making all of those these for the church.
     If I were to do any these on the school, I wouldn't do a lot, because I believe that the school is quiet fair. The only thing I would disagree in or say something about is on the uniforms. I believe that students on campus should have more freedom in what we wear. I would say that we should to a free dress every month along with Jeanious Day.
     Another thing would be the snack bar, the restrooms, and the line to get lunch, and the amount of break we have. If we have enough time from break, then students will be able to use the restroom more, and have more time at the snack bar. Also, maybe they should make more restrooms so that we can use them. The last thing would be that they make more places to give out lunch, so that the lines can shorten up a bit more, and students can have more lunch time. 

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