Today we have a rally! The theme is dress up like people would in the 80's. Everyone looks so nice! Except the boys, they seem as if they didn't care so they just came in their uniform or jeans. Today is also Jeanious Day! In this case, we get to wear jeans every last Friday of the month. But, you have to have at least a C's, or better.
     So far today is great! I'm so glad, because I went to Forever 21 yesterday, and I didn't know what to chose! There were so many shirts that were nice. But, then we saw a manikin that had this cute 80's party style, and I decided to take that outfit instead. We'll I hope today goes good, and that it could stop raining!    

11/30/2012 01:33:38 am

I think instead of, So far today is great! you should put So far today has been great!

11/30/2012 01:34:56 am

I really like your post! (: I hope it stops raining too!

2/8/2013 02:16:59 am

I really enjoyed reading this post. :)
I didn't see any errors at all.


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