Today is jersey day! Everyone gets to wear there favorite jersey of their favorite team. I chose to wear a Lakers jersey. If you don't know, they are a basketball team (The Best). Everyone is wearing different types. For example some are wearing baseball jersey's or football. The funny part, this that if someone walks past you and see's your jersey, then they make fun of it. 
     They make fun of it, or high five you if they go for that team. I thought it was pretty funny. But, if we would argue in front of a teacher or the principal, then either one of them would get annyoed and tell us to solve our problems somewhere else.
     Today is my birthday! So far, my day has came to a great start! Everyone is being so nice to me, and wishing me a happy birthday. I am so glad, that I have made new friends, that I could share important things to. Today, is also two other girls birthdays. But, they are 8th graders. 
     Today, I am also going to buy my halloween costume. Me and two other friends are going to me something very creative. I also want to thank god for giving me another great year of health, and with the people I love. Well, today should me a great day for me, I hope your day goes just as great.
      I think that every school that uses technology is a very great beneficial for the future. Computer class can help us in the future, so if we ever need help with anything we could contact our teacher with an e-mail. It could also help us with homework. If we need to type anything on the computer and we don't know how to use one, then that could be a really bad sign. The list could go on and on, I just listed a few.                         
     When I was in 3th grade, a kid that would go to my school had bullied me. They had told me that I was very tall, and skinny. I would just stay quiet and walk away. Utill one day I had told the teacher and they had went over to the person and told him. After the teacher came back, and told me not to worry that they just want to bother me. Later on in the year it continued, and I told the teacher again, and she helped me stop the bullying.
     I remember helping my friend when she got bullied. They bullied her because of how short she was. I thought it was mean and told then to stop , but they just got worst. After I told my friend well maybe we should ask the teacher that helped me she agreed and said lets go. After we asked the teacher to help us she told them and they stopped. The teacher had also told us that whoever bullied us was because they liked us, we both laughed.

      When I first came to Computech I was afraid of not making new friends, and about this school not being social. But, when they made that speacial activity day in a Friday I agreed to myself that I was wrong. I was wrong, because that same day  I made new friends. I was also wrong because when we were in the gym they told us that there are many school dances,clubs,dances,etc.
    I also found new friends on the third day of school. Some of them are also in some of my classes. We met up at the quad, and we introdued ourself. We decided to hang out everyday and have luch together. I'm glad to be able to come to this school and meet new people.
     Yesterday was Computech's first 2012-2013 dance. It was so much fun, everyone was having fun winning prizes,and dancing. We even formed a line and did the chaca dance. The funniest part was when out of no where they put Spanish music everyone was like what the heak,but after they didn't care and kept dancing. They also played my two favorite songs from a band called One Direction! The name of the songs were What Makes You Beautiful, and One Thing. Everyone started singing along it was a great experiance. I'm so happy i got to attend the dance and got to spend time with my friends,hopefully I get to attend the next one.
     Today at Cross Country, we are going to throw water ballons at eachother ! For every time we run half a mile we get a water ballon, and we can do what we want to it. It's going to be so much fun! Since yestersay we had to run 5 times up and down the hill, and 4 times around the whole entire hill! I was so tired and sweaty! When I got home I quickly took a shower, ate, and took a cold shower. I also think I pulled a musle! It hurts whenever I run. I think I'l get better through out the week.  
      On Saturday I might get to see one of my old friends! They are Olivia,and Bre. We might go to Olivia's house and watch a movie and go eat dinner! If my mom let's me spend the night, we could probably go to Pismo beach! It's going to be so fun, because I haven't seen either of them since Olivia's birthday party. That's how I actually met Bre, because Bre is also Olivia's cousin. We're all very close friends and we're looking foward to Saturday!
     In my digital life I have learned many things about texting while driving, buying a computer, many things about the internet, hackers, etc. Many of these things I didn't even know about! It's so crazy what hackers can do in order to hack your identity! I'm so glad I know what to do so I won't ever get hacked! I've also learned about how to NOT text when you are driving. You have to be really careful so you won't get in a situation like that. One of the things that shockd me the most was of that if at the top where the web-site shows the link and it does'nt have a lock that web-site isn't safe and someone can steal your identity! It's crazy, but now I no what steps to follow so none of this can happen to me.  
Everyday now for a month Mrs.Cliff's class we're going to be swimming! I really enjoy it, it keeps my mind off things, and it makes me feel relax. The part I hat is when we have to leave and change! I don't like it because when you get out of the pool it's so cold! Plus they only give you a limit amount of time to change. But, i'm alreday used to changing fast, and getting to my next class on time. Today, we had to keep a big plastic ball in the air for 15 times, if we finished, then we would get free swim time. It took as many times to keep the ball up, but in the end we did it.