Today is one of my close friends last day. She is moving to Tenaya Middle School. I'm going to miss her so much, because although we would get mad at each other at points, I still love her. Although it has only been a couple of months since we got to know each other, we had some great times when we would hang out together. I'm not sure why she is moving, but I hope she makes great friends over there too.
     We will all miss you Aryanna, and never forget us! I also hope you can come next year too, because your going to leave me here with no one sitting next to me. Well, I hope we can go to Christmas Tree Lane together on Saturday, or some other time together with all of the others. Oh yeah, by the remember the picture we took at break, well you better keep it forever! You will always be a Tiger even if it mean you have to go. I LOVE YOU!!!!! 

12/11/2012 01:56:21 am

Love you too, bro. Nice blog I like it.


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