I have great news you guys! I made the basketball team! I was very nervous but I was very happy with the great news. I personally thought that I wouldn't make it because there are very great players in our team. I'm sure that if we would stick as a team and do everything as a team we will have a great season with no games lost. I am very excited to see everything that we can accomplish. 
     I can tell you that there were other girls that didn't make it that were very good to. I also like my coach because she encourages us to play right, so that we won't mess up in our games. One of the things that I learned from my other coach was, "The way you practice is the way you play." At first no one really payed attention to her they thought that she was just telling us that so that we won't mess up nor fool around in practice. But, right when we went to the tournament that day we had lost because the way that we had practiced the day before was how we played. For this reason I have learned my lesson and I thank God for everything. 

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