When I was in 3th grade, a kid that would go to my school had bullied me. They had told me that I was very tall, and skinny. I would just stay quiet and walk away. Utill one day I had told the teacher and they had went over to the person and told him. After the teacher came back, and told me not to worry that they just want to bother me. Later on in the year it continued, and I told the teacher again, and she helped me stop the bullying.
     I remember helping my friend when she got bullied. They bullied her because of how short she was. I thought it was mean and told then to stop , but they just got worst. After I told my friend well maybe we should ask the teacher that helped me she agreed and said lets go. After we asked the teacher to help us she told them and they stopped. The teacher had also told us that whoever bullied us was because they liked us, we both laughed.

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