Today is a very special day. Today was the day that Nalita was born. Nalita is a very great friend, we both have our little conversations. Although we may have our fights we always end up making up that same day. I am very happy that I got to meet her. I am also glad that she introduced me to Aryanna, and everyone else in our little "group". I hope that when we get older we will all still be great friends and go to the football games and stuff. I love her very much, because she has always been there, and I know that she will always be too. Also Nalita if your are reading this I hope you have a great day today and you read the little message I wrote to you on your poster. I love you Nalita and if you ever need a friend or everyone has turned your back on you I will be there for you know matter what. I wish you the m=best and I thank God for letting you have a another great year of life.
     Tomorrow for Nalita's birthday we are going to go to Edwards, and just hang out for her birthday. I also want to wish Ishmael a Happy Birthday! There's also another birthday and it's Anna's!! I hope you guys have a great birthday, and I hope to see you tomorrow at the movies! 

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