Yesterday, there was a track meet! It was so much fun, and I got to do 3 events that coach chose for me. I enjoyed each one of them very much. I did the 1600m, 200m, and the 4x4 relay. I got first in the 1600m, third in the 200m, and in the 4x4 relay my team and I got first place! It was so intense, because we at first we started kind of bad, but then we caught up to the other team.
     By the way, it we had to compete vs. another Computech 4x4 team. It was pretty fun though. I think I have improved a lot. At first I wasn't really much in shape, but now I think I'm even growing a six-pack! I hope the season is as good as this! I can't wait for the finals and if I'm good enough I can even compete in the valley championships! I'm so excited for this season! 

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