My weekend should me really fun! As of today, I will be going to John's Incredible Pizza! Since it's a buffet, I will be eating a lot because I like food A LOT, and I can eat a lot. For a skinny girl, I have quite an appetite the thing is, I never seem to gain any weigh which is kind of a good thing. But, I hope that I have a fun day! I will be going for the basketball party! I miss the season  and I had a great season over all. I hope I can join the team next year again and have a good time with my teammates.
     But that's not all! On Saturday I will be filled with many great things to do! First, I have a track meet on at 7:30 am at Sunny side  Then, I have two birthday parties to attend to. They are both two of my good friends that go here. For the first party, I will be going roller skating with my friend Victoria, her family and friends. Then, after I will go to the park, and have carne asada to celebrate Evelyn's birthday! Then, on Sunday I have church I think thus will be a great weekend

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