Well, this year math has been a bit easy, except for one thing. I still kind of don't get it, I wanted to get help, but it was to late. I had a great year, but I did struggle to get the stuff when Mrs.Pope was gone. She was a great teacher, and no matter how many questions I asked, she would still help me even if it took her the whole day for me and the rest of my classmates to get it. Anyway, the biggest math challenge for me was at the end of the year. It had to do with the surface area of a triangle, and especially the cylinder. 
     It was just so many formulas all at once. Also the thing that made it even worst was that the math teacher I have taught it a different way, and the book had it another way. But, I finally looked at the book carefully, and solved it step by step, and I got it. I believe this will help me in the future for Geometry, and personally I learned how to 

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