If there was one thing I would struggle or have a problem in math it would be fractions. Also something that I have problems with most of the time is the teacher. I love my math teacher, but I hate it when she has to have a sub come in and teach us. I really don't understand what the teacher is saying, because he is just a sub, and he is not a math teacher. This is why let's say my math teacher was out and she made a sub come in, and let's say the sub was teaching us about fractions. That would really stress me out and, especially if I find out that we are going to have a math test for that section. 
     This is why I would much rather have my original math teacher, because with my regular math teacher math seems so much easier. Also, because whenever I do have a problem with math my math teacher knows how to help. Plus, my math teacher already knows me well enough to know what I will struggle with in math. It's as if you just get used to having that same math teacher everyday that helps you with everything you need. 

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