In science, and in computers we are working on a project, that seems so far to be fun. All of the 7th grade had to get a animal and get in a group to find different things, on that animal. In my group I have Kaycee, Hailey, Aryanna, and me. We all had to do some research on a Desert Rosy Boa. In other words it's a snake that lives in the desert.
     As of for me the research I had to do was to find some of the snakes adaptions. I found many cool adaptations that I didn't even know these kind of snakes had. It was quite interesting because I got to learn some new things. Some of these things I didn't even know snakes could do! I am really looking forward to this project. I also hope that it will be a great success along with our trip to the zoo. I have actually never been to the zoo, so I hope this will be a great experience!

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