Dissecting a frog isn't as easy as it may seem. There are so many parts to it. Especially if you dissect a female frog, with eggs. It's so messy, and with all the chemicals that they put on the frog it smells really bad. This is why I would like to thank surgeons for doing such a great job with humans and anything else that need surgery. These are only a few things why I would like to thank and appreciate a surgeon. 
      Imagine if you would ever need surgery  I once almost did, but thank gosh my bone wasn't as bad. Surgeons need a lot of practice though. If they wouldn't practice on something else just image what could happen! If they would mess up they would need a great lawyer! Just image, they would maybe even quit the job because of how guilty they would be! I would like to thank all of our surgeons in the whole world. They have a gre

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