Plant fossils are actually very cool. But, did you know they are found in Antarctica as well? Well, I was quite surprised as well. I didn't know that plant fossils could last through that weather. But, I guess they can. I will tell you a few of the reasons why I believe or know that plat fossils can be found in Antarctica. 
     One of the reasons why plant fossils can be found in Antarctica is because Antarctica was actually a warm place before any human was alive. As a result people didn't live back then, so since it was a warm place then plant fossils could be there. As time went by though not Antarctica started to get colder. That is why you don't find anymore plant fossils over there anymore. So, that was how plant fossils survived a long time ago. It was because Antarctica was a much warmer place back then than what it is now. It was much warmer, and or course the weather 

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