After reading the article Mr. Kimbley gave us to read I have reflected on what the author claims about the article, and the evidence that he gives during the article. The article was called Physics of Santa. He had stated that Santa wasn't real. He also claimed his evidence why he believe his such thing. He had said that if Santa was a real person, that he would be dead by now. He also said he has a theory, and some kind of evidence that says that he could possibly be right.
     He has stayed that Santa would be dead by now because of all the deliveries he has to do with all of the kids. The author has stated that Santa works over 31 hours per day until Christmas. This is why he believes that if a man would do this a few weeks before Christmas, that a man like this would be dead by now. But, I personally disagree with the author. I disagree, because I know that if Santa is very powerful, and he can use his magic to help him stay alive forever! But, the author also says that Santa carries tons of weight on his back, and carry's to many. The author believes that this can cause death, because if you carry to much weight, then you could possibly end up dead. We may have different opinions, but at the end we all know that Santa can put the author on the naughty list for years, and keep him there so that every Christmas he will be forever alone with his 69 cats. 

12/18/2012 02:14:37 am

I really like how you described if Santa was Real

Adam X.
12/18/2012 02:17:18 am

You could have started the blog post a little better, but besides that everything else looks good.


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