Why is the sky blue? Well, I have already gave you a few information on why I think it is blue, but now I have done a bit more research and discovered new things. But, the internet can as well be wrong sometimes, so don't believe everything they say!  But anytime you have a question, or you want to figure it out on your own why the sky is blue all you have to do is research it. You could do it anywhere, but I'm sure that most of us like to use Google.
     Well like I said, after researching I have came up with my results. I was partly right, but at the same time a bit off. It actually turns out to be that the sunlight has absorbs many colors, and within those colors there is mostly blue, because it absorbs wavelengths which make the color blue stand out and make the sky blue. So, as a result this is a few information that I just found out about why the sky is blue. 

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