The Aztec and the Inca had a similar fall, but what was it? Well, the Aztec got defeated by a guy that they thought was their God in a different version. There God was Quetzalcoatl. He had died, and the Aztec's believed that Cortes was him in a different form. They believed it was their God, because the two were both very similar. But, let me tell you that the Aztec's were wrong. Cortes actually got together with a different empire so that they could defeat the Aztec's they tried again but they failed, then they tired again and they finally defeated them.
     The Inca on the other hand was a bit similar. They were to defeated by the Spanish. The only difference was that the Inca's didn't believe that Cortes was their God. They also didn't treat him really good, and welcomed like the way the Maya's did. 

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