Well, although the zoo was exhausting, there was station I did like. That was the Dino Dig. I'm not sure if that's what it's called, but I think that's close enough. Well, this was my favorite station, because we got to just sit, and dig up a dinosaur bone! It was really deep and long! We dug up the spine it took long, but we did it at the end. This was my first time at the zoo, and I think that station was the best.
     The other stations were cool as well, I just liked this one better. They were all different. Like for example there was a monkey station, a poop station  and so on. I believe they were all fun but the one that I thought was kinda weird was the poop one. I don't think that's the name, but it was gross. The poop was all dry and we still had to guess what animal pooped it. It was a great trip t

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